Estrategia 5: business and technical development consultants

We are specialized in advising technical business development and public entities or private company in Colombia.

Estrategia 5

Public utilities advice

Municipal planning consultants

Training, advice, preparation, evaluation and monitoring of municipal development plans, municipal cadastre, GIS, development and updating of socioeconomic stratification, project bank, presentation and project management before other national and international entities, preparation, review and modification of land use plans, partial plans, re-parcelation projects and environmental management plans with application of current regulations.


Territorial Planning

Municipal development plan, territorial planning plan (POT, PBOT, EOT), partial plans, zonal planning units (UPZ), rural planning units (UPR), urban development units, real estate bank, land readjustment, surplus value, valuation, urban planning, public space master plan, urban renewal plan, special protection plan for historic centers, municipal housing system (VIS, VIP, home improvement), macro regional urban projects, environmental management plans, landscape design and urban, master plans of public service infrastructure networks, special plans for regional urban mobility and transit, road and tourist signage, urban nomenclature, master plans for recreation and tourism, legalization processes for subnormal settlements, advice and consultancies in urban law , tariff update for land uses and urban curation procedures.

Project Bank

Formulation of municipal development plan projects with MGA - SSEPI methodologies, Management of municipal projects before national entities, Management of regional projects, management of international cooperation resources (CAF).


Development adoption and urban regulation of rural populated centers, farms and scattered housing in rural areas. Family agricultural unit (UAF), Creation and regulation of the permanent stratification committee, Municipal management and coordination with the different entities providing residential utilities, Municipal stratification system.

responsive devices

International cooperation

Development of projects with the logical framework and Zopp methodology, management in obtaining international resources, application of Metaplan, execution of international cooperation projects, monitoring and control in executed projects and audits.

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Energy efficiency

Integral management from the detection of the processes with possibilities of improvement, the design and recommendation of solutions, the implementation of the same and the measurement of the results to guarantee the efficiency of the work done. Additionally, we present business models that allow your organization to undertake the implementation of the solutions without making large investments or additional expenses, the objective is that the savings generated by each process cover the implementation costs.

14 years of experience in the consulting sector

Team of experts in Superservicios,
CRA and Ministerio de vivienda

Delivery of proposals in
24 hours or less